Reset Credentials

Wayfair’s credit card is an excellent choice for those who shop at Wayfair frequently and want rewards for their spending. This card has no annual fee, allows you to earn free interest (for a set period) on your spending, and offers benefits such as free shipping.Wayfair-Credit-Card

After registering a Wayfair credit card, the credentials for logging into the Wayfair credit card are in the hands of the account holders. Many Wayfair credit card holders sometimes forget their user ID to log in. We will now discuss how to reset your User ID to log in to

Reset Your User ID For Wayfair Card Login

The steps to reset your username on are listed below:

  • Visit the official Wayfair website ( to register with your Wayfair credit card.
  • To view your Wayfair Credit Card, click on the Wayfair Credit Card icon in the upper right corner of the page.
  • Click the “Manage Account” link below the word “Already a cardholder?” “Manage Your Account” is displayed.
  • The Wayfair Credit Card login page appears after you click Sign In Now.


  • Click Get User ID.
  • In the next step, verify your data. On the Wayfair login page, there are two radio buttons at the bottom:
    • Yes, I have my Wayfair credit card.
    • No, I don’t have my Wayfair credit card.
  • You need to select any radio button from these two radio buttons and proceed to the next step for account verification.
    • If you click the “Yes” button, enter the following credentials such as name, card number, last four digits of SSN, and security code, and click “Confirm.”
    • If you click the “No” radio button, enter credentials such as name, last four SSN, and mobile number, then click “Confirm.”
  • The Wayfair Credit Card Login Portal will search for your account and provide you with the link to reset your User ID.